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Dead Voices--Reopening 
4th-Aug-2013 10:12 pm
It started slow.

For months, little outbreaks in small, rural United States towns popped up on the news and online forums. It got bigger though and bigger until? The world held its breath and watched as New York was over taken.

What it was? No one was sure.

Quickly, boarders were closed to prevent the spread of whatever this sudden outbreak was. For Europe and parts of Asia? It didn't work.

With each country so close together, it was easy for those infected to cross and infect those who thought they were safe. It was foolish after all, to think that simply closing the boarders would stop it..

For a while, Japan was safe.

Sitting back in their homes, the Japanese people watched the world around them fall into hell. No one could figure out just what was going out and what caused this mass outbreak. There was though, one popular opinion on the internet (the news dare not let slip what most people thought).

Zombies. It was a massive zombie outbreak. But, was it really the stereotypical zombie outbreak?

Japan never got a chance to find out; the infection spread like wildfire through Tokyo, reaching out with horrifying speed to ever city and prefecture in the county.

In this fight for survival, what do you strive for?

A cure?

A safe heaven?

Or a salvation that will never come?

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