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Jrock RPG Directory

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Jrock Rpg Directory

Welcome to the jrock rpg directory community. The purpose of this community is to help rpers like yourself, who role play in the jrock genre, find and advertise rp communities. You may also use this community as a way to find a certain muse you are looking for. Basically anything related to jrock rp can be posted here. This community is here to help everyone so please use it as you'd like.
As communities are found or newly advertised, they will be added to the directory. The directory can be found in the community memories and they are divided into the following categories:

- AU
--> AU
--> AU OC
- Miscellaneous
- Non LJ
- Non-AU
--> Non-AU
--> Non-AU OC
- OC
- Short Term
- Unidentified
Here are the community rules:

1. Respect other members.
2. No fighting or drama. If you have a disagreement with someone or people, take it outside of the community.
3. You may advertise your community/want ad/etc as much as you want but don't overdo it.
4. You may advertise your GreatestJournal/InsaneJournal communities but they will not be added to the directory. For that please advertise in the GJ/IJ directory community.
5. Advertising Jpop or other asian based communities is acceptable.
Mod: cd_mod

If you have any suggestions, comments, flames, etc, please comment here.

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