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1964 YuiKaiKan

Tucked away in the suburbs of Yokohama is a street that leads to a little boarding house. Yuikaikan is modest and accommodating, and especially familiar to the sailors that come and go by the harbour down the hill. The air smells of herbs in the morning and sandy beaches at night. Life in this little boarding house is robust and warm, with people from all walks of life coming in to stay.

Six months, three years…everyone's time in Yuikaikan differs but one thing remains the same. It's a little spot of home, where the heart truly is.

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This is The Victorian Cure

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Just opened boards. Looking for members! ANYONE can be part of the fun. Do you have a JaeJoong muse? Join! An Edward Cullen Muse? Join! A Jackie Chan Muse? JOIN!

We allow Muses and characters from movies. In both forums. Very open world. A lot of things to do RP wise.

Come check it all out! :D
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The island of Manhattan’s criminal underbelly has been infected. Vampire clans have risen all over the city and everyone is aligning themselves to be the new powerhouse. Who will be the new King of New York? What part will you play? Money, power, dreams, and blood are all for the taking for those cunning enough.

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The Awakened RPG

Our world is at war.

Fights to control the criminal activity within the city have spilled violence into the streets. Innocents are caught in the crossfire. The bloodshed has stirred up something no one was prepared for.

Now reborn gods are appearing throughout the city. Ancient beasts are wrestling free of bounds that have held them for centuries.

Can you survive this new age?

The Awakened is a forum based Jrock/Jpop rpg. Multi-para/Novella style and 18+ for mature content.

Decades: A Japanese Music Roleplay

Police x Yakuza x Newsroom
It's not as straightforward as it seems. Trust me.
Current affairs, politics and crime, not only the yakuza are active in shady business. Bartering and bargaining more often than not gets the good jobs done too. In an era like this, information can buy anything, and it takes all this to create and upkeep society as we see it now.

Care to dabble?