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7th-Sep-2013 07:10 pm - Looking For a JRock RP buddy!
hello my name is Takura, and I am looking for a fun rp buddy! I can do anything with Dir en Grey, Miyavi, Gazette, or any band you want. Just let me know of their personalities as I do not know a whole lot of bands. I also don't mind if they are totally OOC either.

People I like to play as:

From Dir en Grey:
From Gazette:
From Girugamesh:
Satoshi (he's the only one I ever played lol)

Miyavi (mostly from back in the day when he was hyper lol but I can play with different things)

I love yaoi rp and normal friendship rp as well. I can do any kind of AU rp, including:

I mainly love anything gangster/mafia, or Supernatura/horror. But That doesn't mean I am not capable f doing fluff or romance! And I am willing to do any NC-17 rated scenes.

As for my style of RP, I can do anything from short replies, to small paragraphs. Usually for an rp, to start it off I give an intro, and then have the characters talk and act in conversation. For example
"Die: ha you're short Kyo *ruffle's Kyo's hair*
Kyo: shut up! *punches Die in the arm*"

Mainly things like that but I can do more if need be =) I don't ask for a whole lot when it comes to RP.

As for my favorite pairings:
From Dir En Grey:

From The Gazette:


If you are interested, please add me on either skype, or AIM. I mainly prefer Skype but I can be on AIM to.
My skype email: Jokergirltf2@hotmail.com
My AIM email: jokergirltf2@yahoo.com
15th-Apr-2013 11:40 am - RP partner wanted
Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone who wants to do a specific kind of RP. This involves neko's/kitsune's and other variants. This could be in a daily life where they have normal jobs or seperated from the 'human world'. I don't mind a lot, we can discuss the details later if interested.

I am also willing to play different RP's if you dont like the one mentioned above (from normal life to famous and to mpreg, I can play a lot of different things).

The characters I play:

Uruha - the GazettE
Hikaru - D=OUT
Ibuki - D=OUT
Kazuki - SCREW

Favorites from top to bottom. All my characters will be uke's, I refuse to play seme's because of earlier RP's.

The pairings which seem most fun to me:

Anyone from the GazettExUruha
Tora (alice nine)xUruha
Anyone from D=OUTxHikaru (except IbukixHikaru)
Anyone from D=OUTxIbuki (except HikaruxIbuki)
Anyone from SCREWxKazuki (except JinxKazuki)
MiyavixKazuki (seems hilarious to me)

I am quite flexible, so if you want to play another j-rocker (which I didn't mention above) x one of my ukes, then that's fine with me. The ones above are just my favorites, but it's not needed to play those. The only pairings which I won't do is AoixKazuki, any 'cute' j-rocker as seme for my ukes and the exceptions mentioned above.

I like smut, but it still has to have some kind of story in it.

You can mail me, send me a message on here, add me on AIM, add me on Skype or add me on MSN: toesjah@hotmail.com
12th-Apr-2013 11:54 pm - Looking for a RP partner~

Name: Riyu
LJ: This one
Timezone: GMT + 8
Characters you RP:

  • Anyone from ScReW

  • Gazette - Kai, Reita, Aoi and Uruha

  • Alice Nine - Nao, Tora and Saga

  • ViViD - Ko-ki, Reno, IV and Shin

  • Anyone from Born

  • SuG - Mitsuru

  • UNSRAW - Yuuki

  • Versailles - Kamijo

Characters you’re looking to RP with:

  • Same from the top.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with Rping: I'd really Love an AU RP. I'm not too fond of RP-ing them in their usual lives now. I'd like something different; I could go with some High School drama if you're up to it though, I'd really prefer it more if we were to add some supernatural stuff there. But, having normal lives is fine with me as long we don't RP them in their usual band lives; I'm already a bit bored of RP-ing them like that.

I want to add something like Kitsunes or nymphs or something magical like that to an RP. Vampires and Werewolves are used too much already and they're quite mainstream for me but, if you'd prefer your character to be one, we'll give it a shot. Also, I've been quite interested in having a Yakuza themed or assassin related plot lines, thanks to some fanfics I've been reading.

Furthermore, I'm not really amused with action or one liner or paragraph replies. I would prefer it if you'd give me a minimum of 5 or 4 paragraphs in every reply. And last but not the least, I'm quite picky with pairings of characters. I'm really choosy when it comes to pairings and I hate it when, semes and get paired with semes. No offense but, I really want a hot seme paired up with a cute and adorable little uke. So, just in case we don't fight over pairings here, these are the pairings I like and they will not be changed. Sorry. [ PS: seme x uke ]

  • Anyone in ScReW X Jin [ Their drummer]

  • Anyone in Gazette X Jin [ ScReW ]

  • Anyone from Born X Jin [ ScReW ]

  • Mitsuru [SuG] X Jin [ ScReW ]

  • Tora/Saga X Nao

  • Kamijo [Versailles] X Yuuki [ UNSRAW ]

  • Shin/Reno/IV X Ko-ki

  • Reita/Aoi X Kai

Those are the pairings I like and my OTP. The ones I prefer most is on the very top and my least favourite though, I'd really like to RP too is on the very bottom.

Do you smut?: Yes! I'm very fond of smutting though, I would prefer it if we also had a plot. Even though, I do like PWP; I'd really like it if we were to have a plot.
AIM: I'll make a new one if you'd like
MSN: the-jinny-anon@hotmail.com
Yahoo: riyusama@yahoo.com [ I don't open this account much. ]
Any other messenger: Not really~
Is there anything else you would like to add?: We could also RP in tumblr if you'd like?

21st-Feb-2013 04:11 pm(no subject)
{ 001 } - アイジ ~ No Fun No Future.
Hello everyone! (:
Just like pretty much anyone here I'm looking for a partner to play with. This is actually my first time advertising for a partner, so I'm sorry if this is a little weird!

About me:
- I'm legal of age, and I would prefer my partner to be too.
- I'm located in Europe, and English is not my native language. I am no grammar nazi, so as long as your English is understandable for me I'm happy!
- I have played third-person novel style for almost six years, and I have been playing for almost eight years in total now.
- I'm okay with AU/Supernatural/PB and realistic settings, though I refuse to follow every move of my character to copy their lives into a rp.
- I prefer to play over AIM, but I can provide you my e-mail address on request.
- I honestly do not care who you play. If you are happy playing the character you play, that's just dandy to me!

What am I looking for? *
I have a few characters I would love to play:
- the GazettE's Reita or Uruha
- D=OUT's Reika
- Versailles' Teru.
- MEJIBRAY's Koichi or Tsuduku
*: I have a whole lot of characters/faces available. The list above is just a short list of characters I'd love to play with someone again. If you have a character available and are looking for a different person to play against, don't be shy and try me anyway, maybe we can figure something out!

I'm looking for a partner who has the time to play, and doesn't provide me with 'one-liners' only. I know we all have a life outside of the internet (trust me, so do I), but if my partner is dealing with this as a joke and continueously tells me they can't play, or flake on me entirely, I lose interest. I'm very shy and probably will never ask you to play out of my own, or at times I might not even message you because I'm scared of invading your activities and pissing you off... Please be prepared for that.

If you are interested, or have anything you would like to ask, then please comment here or message me. If we click I'll provide you with my AIM or e-mail address~
24th-Aug-2012 10:55 pm - Kimochi Club RP
JoonHo SeungJoon HoJoon

Curious? Come check us out! ;D

Click on the image for info!

Looking for all muse! Come play with us! <3
24th-Jul-2012 12:28 am - RP AD!


¤ I have been RP-ing for four years.
¤ I am not a native English speaker and I do make mistakes sometimes.
¤ I only RP in AU.
¤ I only RP Aoi / Uruha & Reita / Ruki as main pairings, but I will make a list of j-rockers / pairings that I can include though I like to focus on the main pairings. 
¤ I am very strict about who is top and who is bottom. 
¤ I am comfortable with things going up to NC-17 as long as it is not extremely graphic and that's just because of my inability to describe graphic sex.
¤ I choose romantic / deep / intense stories over just SMUT anytime.
¤ I don't mind adding side HETERO pairings as long as there's no sex between them as in - we can mention it, but no describing -. 
¤ MY RP PARTNER HAS TO HAVE SOME TIME AT LEAST OR ELSE I LOSE INTEREST. (Though I know there are periods when I can't and may be periods when you can't. That's alright as long as I am informed about it.)
¤ When doing AU, I am way more comfortable using their real names. At least for the main characters.

¤ Uruha

¤ Aoi / Uruha (& Reita / Ruki, but only with Aoi / Uruha as MAIN)

SIDE PAIRINGS (That would eventually be used for additions to the plot or be crushes/adventures/cheats/etc for the main characters. I don't write others.)
¤ Karyu / Uruha
¤ Karyu / Zero
¤ Kai / OC (either boy or girl)
¤ Die / Toshiya
¤ Aoi / OC (usually girl, but boy is okay too.)
¤ OC / Uruha (boys only. LOL. Uruha in my RPs is usually only homosexual.)
¤ Kai / Uruha 
¤ Ruki / OC (boys only)
¤ Reita / OC (both)
¤ Reita / Uruha

¤ Romance
¤ Drama
¤ Fluff
¤ Angst
¤ Psychological
¤ Action

¤ MAYBE THERE IS MORE TO ADD HERE, BUT NOTHING COMES TO MY MIND RIGHT NOW. (Though you can ask if you have something in mind and I will inform you if I can or can't do it.)

A little description so you can understand what I want better.

Basically I want to focus on Aoi / Uruha  and I want someone that has somewhat time to RP. The side pairings are in case needed in the plot. Like, F.E. - Kai/OC/Karyu is Uruha's past lover or someone who wants to pursue Uruha. Same with Aoi, Ruki & Reita. - As for the additional pairings like KAI x OC / etc, they help the plot because it would be quite weird to talk about the main characters that have no friends or enemies or etc. I hope you know what I mean.

I am a sucker for romance & angst.

I don't have a plot in mind, but I easily go with the flow. Of course, we could make a plot while sharing ideas, making up the character's personality & past.


When you cannot get online for a day or more, please let me know. I will as well inform you if it's my case.

I prefer EMAIL because other programs have word limit. 

17th-Jun-2012 09:59 pm - Searching for an RP partner
Hi, right now I'm looking for specific pairings. (Moi dix Mois and Malice Mizer)
I have a Mana muse and I'd love to try a ManaxSeth rp.
I'd be open to try any of these pairings as well:

I prefer to rp on MSN, but I could try e-mail and LiveJournal too. I'm fine with any rp style (speed, sentence or paragraph).
If you're interested please leave a comment or add me.

Hope to hear from someone soon ^^
9th-Jan-2012 04:09 pm - AOIXURUHA RP
Hello! I'll post this here too. In case it's not acceptable, mods please delete.

Searching for someone with enough free time to RP properly. (by this I mean I don't want the reply to come 3 days later after my reply) If our schedules don't match, I'll pretty much lose interest.
MY MUSE: Uruha 
I will ONLY write an passive Uruha for an active Aoi. No other way.

I mostly do AU.
I can go up to NC-17, but I don't want it to be all about sex. 


I don't need an certain plan for the RP, but I need a description of what your character will be like. We can go with the flow.

I can RP via email or Y!M & even LJ messages, but if my partner will want an easier way, I might get an MSN / AIM account. 


6th-Nov-2011 08:13 am - urbanstereo is searching for members
in her eraser sang the guilty
An old juggernaut has risen from the dead to pry open it's doors once again to the public. This is our reopening so  slots have been disinfected and made available to all. Urbanstereo is an anonymous, non AU, based community that allows all forms of East-Asian entertainment to bask in our arms. Notably a basic community with no over-bearing requirements for activity or pressure.
1st-Oct-2011 01:32 am - Akihabara Electric Town
Akihabara Electric Town
A Japanese Entertainment AU RP

Akihabara Electric Town is one of the most popular districts in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. People say that this is where the weird ones go, the outcasts of society, that this is the only place they could go to be themselves. But it is also where genius gathers, and people of many talents, this is where you start weaving your dreams by living in it first.

It’s a pretty, sugar coated world which tempts people to take a look inside it. But is it as pretty and dynamic as it looks? It’s a world where hard work, creativity and shamelessness are what you need, unless you want to be one of those who sits around and lets money be sucked away by all the pretty things surrounding you.

Whether you are an Otaku who goes around from one anime shop to another or a game designer. Whether you are a cosplayer or starlet performing on streets trying to make it big. Whether you are a café owner or a maid in a café, we welcome everyone.

It’s a world of wonder, a place you will never find elsewhere. But it’s all up to you to make the most of it or let yourself be consumed by it.

This game has just re-opened, and while most muses so far are Jpop, it's open to any Japanese muses in the entertainment industry, including Jrock.

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